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Innovators, technologists, artists & perfectionists. We are 7/Apps.

We think form and function must have equal footing. If an app doesn’t look amazing, you won’t want to use it. If it can't keep up with you, it’s useless. We blend artistry and design with fluid performance to find the common ground where beauty meets practicality.

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7/ (formerly AppBuilder) powers the majority of the apps we build. Designed and developed for over two years, 7/ is a platform that covers every step of an app's development and content management lifecycle, from concept and design to development and finally, ongoing content management and maintenance.

With it's third year of development and third major release underway, we felt it was time to share it with the world. On July 22nd of this year, 7/ launched to the public. Check out some examples of what you can build, within weeks, not months - and without writing a line of code. (Athletes for CancerGateway Canyons, Chris Rank - Photographer, Tim West - Artist, and Podeus).

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